Sunday, September 28, 2014

Freaky Friends Candy Bar Wrap

Here are the Supplies you will need to make Candy Bar Wrap!

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First Step

 You will Need to cut your DSP  cut to 6 1/2 by 5 1/2.

Put Sticky Tape on one side and the bottom of DSP paper.
Pull the Sticky pink off. Then Fold the long side with out the stick tape over the Candy Bar first . Don't let the bottom stick together yet.  Then fold the side with the stick strip over on top of the other piece of DSP.   Pull the candy bar out of paper.
  It should look like this after you fold the sides over. pull the candy bar out.
 With the punch you will punch a hole just big enough to slip the ribbon in. After you punch the slits add ribbon. Ribbon is about 21 inches.
 As you insert the candy bar the ribbon will slowly go down with the candy bar.
After you push the candy bar all the way in, tie a not at the top and your dun.
Supper easy and fun. All my kids are wanting  to give one to there friends for Halloween !

I hope you enjoyed today's Candy Bar  Wrap Tutorl. 
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