Wednesday, May 20, 2009

QuicKutz Magpie Nesting Tins

I spent most the day yesterday organizing my 2X2 Quickutz Dies. I was storing all my dies in the Quickutz Zip-a-Round Storage binders. I liked it but at the same time i had a hard time finding the die that i needed. I also had to go through 4 binders and having them open on my work space made it hard. I put my 2X2 dies in the Magpie Nesting Tins . I numbers them Box 1, and so on. I was surprised it took nine tins. I made a list of all the dies that are in each tin. ( Box 1 starts with A and Box nine ends with W) I hope this will work better when I'm working on a project that I can get to them better. I store all my 2x2 Quickutz alphabets in the magpie nesting tins and i love it . If any one has a better way of storing there dies i would love to here about it.
Have fun creating!


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